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California Seeks to Eliminate Utility Bills

The California Energy Commission will require new homes and commercial buildings to meet a “zero net energy” code. The mandate will cover new homes by 2020 and new commercial buildings by 2030. The code requires these new structures to consume … Continue reading

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A Peek at the Not Distant Future

This week, we are taking a look at the world of tomorrow. Massive changes are in store in the not distant future. Posting on, Dr. Robert Goldman, M.D., PhD., offers some exciting and sometimes frightening insight into what lies … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

If we did the things we were capable of doing, we would literally astonish our-self. -Thomas Edison inventor of the Light bulb and the motion picture camera

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The Super Publicity

Surrounding the premiere of The Super, Landmark Group has received a lot of publicity. Channel 7 News recently contacted me for an interview about what it really takes to be a landlord. It’s an inexplicable daily challenge, but I did my … Continue reading

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New Storage Website

Landmark Group’s sister company, Dino’s Storage, launched a new website this morning. Check it out and share your thoughts! We hope you like it!!

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If you have not done so already you need to buy the URL that is your name, for example I own  If your name is john smith you would buy . You should also do this for your kids, … Continue reading

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Recycling can affect real estate

Here is a great way for Omaha to recycle to improve its real estate: I was reading an article in the Wall Street Journal about how it is so hard for solar power to be an effective form of renewable … Continue reading

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Thomas Edison and Madison Ave.

I have been thinking about what has changed in American Society in the last 100 years. I think a little has to do with my faith, a little has to do with the fact that I now have three kids … Continue reading

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Advice for Job Seekers

I interview a lot of people and here is some advice for people looking for a job: Keep your email address professional. Do not have something like  or I really like  your first name@your first and Like.  … Continue reading

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Protect your metal and Toyota

Scrap prices are up to $260 a ton, this is $100 a ton more than they were a year ago. On top of that the price of cooper is $4.50/lb. It’s highest price ever.   If you have a vacant house … Continue reading

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