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The best version of you possible

I am reading a very interesting book about how to get the most out of yourself. There are two things that  I wanted to share.   Learn to Cherish the qualities that reside within you What I got from this … Continue reading

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Advice for life

I got this in church this morning when the speaker, Doug Grogan, was telling a story about the advice his father gave him just days from his fathers death when asked.  “What words of wisdom do you have fore me … Continue reading

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Spiritual gifts

As many of you know, most of my storage facilities have a reader board.  We change this board every three days with a different bible quote.  This weeks quote is from 1 Corinthians 12:7 and says: “A spirtual gift is given … Continue reading

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Demographic Bubble

I am not sure what it is all going to mean, but it seems that everyone that I know that is in their late 20’s is either pregnant, wants to get pregnant or just had a baby. At some point … Continue reading

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Albert Einstein Quotes

– “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” – “Any man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.” – “As far as I’m concerned, I prefer … Continue reading

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John D. Rockefeller Quotes

– “I always tried to turn every disaster into an opportunity.” – “I believe that every right implies a responsibility; every opportunity, an obligation; every possession, a duty.” – “I would rather earn 1% off 100 people’s efforts than 100% … Continue reading

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James Dobson

I was reading a book by James Dobson recently and he said the following. “The only way to keep yourself from borrowing to much money is to have needs and wants unfulfilled.” He went on to say that the reasons … Continue reading

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Income Taxes and Quote of the day

I get a lot of comments about the tax implications of a real estate deal. I am a big believer to ignore the income tax ramifications of a deal and buy it strictly on its financial merits Quote of the … Continue reading

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Hermanism #11: If the ball lands in the rough, hit it from the rough.

“When the ball is in the rough, you have to change your thinking on the next shot. You have to recognize that the grass is higher here than on the fairway; that a tree limb is smack dab in your … Continue reading

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quote of the day

A prospective client told me the best way to describe real estate investing is: “Many grow weary those that do not grow rich.” -Dave Nava

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