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Benefits of Standing Desks: “Sitting is the new smoking”

In today’s digital world sitting for an extended period has become part of our modern lifestyle. The problem is our bodies are not designed to sit for hours. Our bodies are built for standing.  Over 90% of activities are done … Continue reading

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Nutrition in Omaha Ne

Everyone starts off the year looking to recharge their life in all facets from spiritual to physical. We are working on a nutrition challenge at work similar to this one. If you are interested in doing this with us send … Continue reading

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The Super: Web EXCLUSIVE – Dave’s Socks

Check out this web exclusive video from The Super about my socks!

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So what is the deal with those socks??

I got a question posted on this blog: “What is the deal with those long socks?” This is a great question because these are not just any socks, they are compression socks. I wear compression socks for a variety of … Continue reading

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NU v. Penn State and Ron Brown

These are two great videos that were forwarded to me about Ron Brown praying on the football field with both teams before the game last Saturday. Ron is an outspoken follower of Christ and has a heart for leading young … Continue reading

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What I learned while playing football at Norfolk Catholic High School for Mike Bohaty

It’s that time of year for high school football.  As many of you know I graduated from Norfolk Catholic High School where I played football for Mike Bohaty.  Norfolk Catholic, Mike Bohaty and the current coach Jeff Bellar have been … Continue reading

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Louisville Ironman 2011 Race report

I did the 2011 Louisville Ironman yesterday (a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride and a 26.2 mile run). Total time 12:32:37 85th out of 256 in my age group The complete results can be found at Just … Continue reading

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Are you a natural born killer?

What is a “Natural Born Killer?” Not sure where I got this quote. but I like to use it to describe my dog, Porter. This guy is an amazing killer for a dog. Keep in mind from this picture he is … Continue reading

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Death race

In the last few weeks there have been two races where two people have died in each race.  In the NY triathlon two people died on the swim, a 40 and 64-year-old, both passed from heart attacks.  Two more died … Continue reading

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Laser sharp focus

Warren Buffet talks a lot about this subject, but I think it can’t be hammered into peoples’ heads enough. No matter what you are doing you need to have laser sharp focus. If you are in school, give it 100%. … Continue reading

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