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Success Is Not Age Related

A new study, rejecting decades of contrary thinking, finds that your age should never hinder you from being successful.  For decades, scientists who study achievement have found that people tend to achieve their most promising work earlier in life rather … Continue reading

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Online Fraud Worries Property Managers

The increase in online rental applications has raised concerns about identity theft and online fraud among property managers, according to the results of a new survey by TransUnion of 163 property managers who manage more than 500 rental units nationwide. … Continue reading

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Addressing Transgender Restroom Issues

North Carolina’s so-called “bathroom law,” which requires individuals to use restrooms corresponding to the sex they were assigned at birth rather than their gender identity, has prompted questions over what responsibilities businesses and employers have to accommodate the preferences of … Continue reading

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Background Checks on Renters Raise Questions

Landlords who deny an apartment applicant a lease due to a failed background check may be breaking the law and face housing discriminating allegations, according to new guidance issued from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.   “A … Continue reading

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Productivity Quotes and Strategies for Increasing Employee Efficiency

Your ability to perform effectively in your job requires that you have and understand a complete and up-to-date job description for your position, and that you understand the job performance requirements and standards that you are expected to meet. Here are … Continue reading

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Shaping Company Culture

Our company’s culture is shaped by our ability to listen from the outside, in. Here are some quotes from current business and management thought leaders, aimed at improving business culture.  “The simple act of paying positive attention to people has a … Continue reading

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Corporate Responsibility in Omaha

Company’s today need to take more responsibility to be good stewards of the resources they have been blessed with.  In today’s Landmark Group TV entry, Ian Vickers, CEO of Global Partners in Hope talks about how companies can be more … Continue reading

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Inspiring and Motivating Leadership in Omaha

It takes a great leader to guide people — and therefore the business — to success.  Here are some inspiring quotes about leaders and leadership from famous figures and experts on the subject. “A leader takes people where they want … Continue reading

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Root Down Community Garden

When refugees come to America, they bring with them a great wealth of gardening and farming expertise. Unfortunately, being re-settled into urban areas has not often provided opportunities for them to practice their trade. But with the recent surge in enthusiasm for … Continue reading

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Power of Positive Thinking

A few motivational quotes from an Accountability Overview I recently read… “Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.” –  Franis Chan “If your goals are larger than your … Continue reading

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