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Welcome to my website! On my blog you will find my thoughts on real estate, economics, and life in general. Your comments are more than welcome.

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Dave Paladino, CPM, Broker, REALTOR®, is the founder of Dino’s Storage, Gold Coast Technologies, Landmark Group,. Collective these companies operate under the umbrella of Landmark Group and have 90 employees in Nebraska, Iowa and Manitoba.  Dave also holds a Real Estate Broker license in Nebraska & Iowa.

Dave was born in Omaha Nebraska and raised in western and northeastern Nebraska. He is a graduate of the University of Nebraska Omaha, with a degree in marketing.  Upon graduation, he worked in Atlanta for an IBM industry remarketer.

In the early 1990’s, Dave returned to Nebraska to become Vice President of a small real estate firm. In 1994, Dave bought the firm and changed the name to Landmark Group.  Dave is a 2000 graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Center for Real Estate and earned a master’s degree in real estate development. His master thesis was titled “Small Real Estate Companies and Business Process Enterprise”.  Dave is considered an expert on employee compensation and cash flow valuation.

Landmark Group has grown to become the largest manager of single-family homes in Nebraska.  In addition to property management, Landmark specializes in renovation, maintenance, leasing and brokerage of single-family investment homes. As part of the management team, Landmark has developed a maintenance organization of over 50 technicians. Currently Landmark Group Manages 2,000 units in Nebraska and Iowa.  Dave is a licensed locksmith and has been certified by the EPA as a type I and II technician. He is also a member of IREM and holds the CPM® designation.

In 1997 Dave founded Gold Coast Technologies which is an investor in residential real estate in Omaha NE.  From its humble beginnings Gold Coast has grown its investments from just a few houses to a portfolio which includes 130 houses and 250 apartments.

In 1999 Dave founded Dino’s Storage, which is a self-storage owner/developer based in Omaha, Nebraska with 12 locations in Omaha, Des Moines, Iowa and Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Dinos Storage developed owns and manages the largest self storage facilities in both Nebraska and Iowa.  Dino’s just broke ground of a four story storage facility on 147th and Maple in Omaha.  The Dino’s Storage philosophy is to understand the customer, provide the highest level of customer service, and bring self storage to markets previously underserved through the development of self storage facilities.  Dino’s Storage was recently ranked as the 89th largest self-storage operator in North America.  Dave also formed the Nebraska Self Storage Association and currently serves as president.

Because of Dave’s relentless pursuit of entrepreneurism and love for being around Cars, in 2011 Dave Founded Omaha towing and Security.

Dave is an instructor for Highmark Inc. Highmark travels around the world teaching business owners in developing countries how to run a business based on American business principles. Dave has most recently taught in Baku, Azerbaijan and Bamako, Mali and Beijing.

Dave was selected by the US Department of Defense to attend the Joint Civilian Orientation Conference (JCOC 74).  This conference is for influential civilians to see what it is like for men and women to be part of the US Armed Forces. JCOC 74 was hosted by the US Pacific Command.  In 2010 Dave was graduated from the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s FBI Citizen Academy.

In his free time Dave is an amateur triathlete where he is actively involved in the Nebraska Triathlon Club and has consistent age group top ten finishes.  Dave and his wife Lisa are the Nebraska coordinators for the Bullmastiff Rescue Association of America.  They also are members of Christ Community Church in Omaha.  Dave and Lisa have three sons and two daughters and three grand daughters.  Most recently Dave founded and is

Dave Paladino

team captain of the Landmark Group Endurance Team which recently received national media attention on its summit of Mt Whitney. Dave also founded and is currently race director for Landmark Group Tri-State Relay, the longest three state bike relay race in the Midwest.

Dave’s recent athletic accomplishments have been to complete Louisville Ironman in a time of 12:34.  He completed the California International Marathon in 3:50 and climbed to the summit of Mount Rainer, WA, 14,410’as well as a fifth place overall finish with his brother Kevin in the inaugural Wild Hare 12 hour adventure races in Omaha   Dave’s is currently training for Ironman AZ and an attempt  Aconcagua the highest peak in the western  hemisphere at 22,841’


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  1. Barb Dinslage says:

    I was in your BNI group many years ago – SS Embroidery – and now I own a Servpro. I was out marketing today and ran into Joel Stradinger (State Farm agent) who was also in our group…we started talking about the old group…I called several others whom Joel and I talked about, and your name came up….I am sorry that I did not know of your exploits – mountain climbing, etc – until we all talked today. I also found out that you were instrumental in life saving – a young child in Omaha whom you pulled from a pool.

    That really is the reason that I am dropping you this note. I wanted to tell you what a terrific job that was.

    This is just a note from a long-ago BNI friend. No need to respond,…just wanted to tell you that some of the old group is still around.

    Barb Dinslage
    dinslagetb@cox.net (home)

  2. el says:

    Hi Dave,

    I love the show. I have no idea how you calmly deal with so many dysfunctional characters on a daily basis.

    I have an odd question for you. I hope isn’t too personal for me to ask; I’m really curious why you wear such high socks. Is there a medical issue or do you just like them?

  3. Maureen C says:

    Just started watching the show. Wow. You do try to take care of your tenants. That’s good.

  4. Its amazaing how many peoples lives are like watching a slow moving train wreck

  5. Trey says:

    I DVR your show.. My favorite part of it is to try and point out all of the amenities that your tenants have like new cars, HDTV’s, gaming consoles (whether Xbox 360 or PS3), new computers, expensive groceries, etc, etc, etc.. Yet they complain about how they can’t pay their rent..

    My second favorite part is looking at how many of these worms are collecting government checks…

    Viewers should all keep their eyes out for this. This is why The Super is my most loved TV program as well as my most hated.

  6. We are constantly reminded about how important hard work is and the fact that since the time of Adam and Eve God intended us to work. People get in the most trouble is they are simply not working. Thanks for watching

  7. James Callahan says:

    First love the show and very impressed on what you done. Because the way things are going the world today, good to see someone being successful.

    Keep up the good work!

  8. Jeff says:

    Love the show – just wondering, will there be new episodes? I noticed it’s been in repeats now for a couple of months. I hope so!

  9. Yes we begin filming the second season in a few weeks, thanks for watching

  10. Sue says:

    My husband and I just started watching the show and I love it! I also love the fact that you profess your faith as well. Thanks for all you do in using your gift to serve others. God Bless!

  11. Thanks for the encouragement. I really needed to hear this feedback. I go to a Mens bible study on Friday Mornings and we have been praying that God give me boldness to share the love of Christ during the production of the second season.

  12. Sholanda E. says:

    Hello There, I just wanted to say I watched The Super for the first time today and I plan to continue watching. I have never met or seen a SUPER like you before ever. You care about people, even if others think they don’t deserve it. You are doing the very things that God wants all of us to do, be in his likeness. I am fortunate to have seen the show , and now I am very inspired to give becoming a broker a shot, I hope that one day that I can even be a 10th of what you have become accomplished. Keep up the great work. Sholanda E. Jefferson City MO

  13. Good to hear from you, we really go out of our way to share Christ’s love for our tenants. Many times it is less than easy. Thanks for watching the show

  14. xavier says:

    Hey Dave I would like to start by saying you are a true motivation and inspiration to make something of myself. I see you as a mentor, and I gad a question for you. A long time goal of mine has been to open a property management company. Buying property so I can fix them up and rent them out. Do you have any advice and what type of schooling or degree should I be studying and investing my time and money into. Any information or guidance would be a great help..thank you & God bless!!!

  15. I would get an education in the following. I would triple major in the following: Accounting, finance and Marketing. If you go to a good real estate school, they incorporate all three disciplines. If you live in Omaha, the Real Estate Program at UNO is top notch.

  16. Scott says:

    it has been amazing watching Landmark Group grow over last decade. while I still study and improve myself in the field of Construction Management, Engineering, Project Management, Scheduling, and planning. I can honestly say that the best years of my career were the years I spent with the Landmark Group.

    When I don’t think I can take any more, I always turn back to the days I worked side by side with you, Cris, Sue, Lisa, and the rest of the staff back then. It was crazy then, and I see by watching your show, not alot has changed. Who would have thought it would ever change?

    My experience with Landmark gives me inspiration to keep pushing foward, improving myself, and staying ahead of the game as much as possible. I don’t believe I have ever learned as much as I did in my entire career, than in those years being employed by Landmark Group.

    I refer to those days now, as the “Good Old Days”

    God Bless You and Landmark Group

    Scott Strenger

  17. Great To hear from you Scott

  18. Tash says:

    Hey Dave,

    I’ve recently just stumbled across your show and watched the first 2 series within a week or so! Loved it. I’m also really pleased to see you don’t hide your Christianity, I think its great :)

    Just wondering if a third season is going to eventuate?

    I pray God keeps filling your life with blessings :)

    Tash (Tasmania, Australia).

  19. Thanks for the comments, the more we work on the show the more we realize God has a plan for the show and its our job to gorify him during the process.

  20. Brad says:

    Any new shows coming up?

  21. We are currently working on finding a new network to carry the show

  22. James Durham says:

    Hi Dave,

    I love your show and I am wondering if there is any news on a new network or if it will ever be back on TV?


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