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Changes in water heaters to make them more energy efficient

In this segment, Dave discusses the  water heater manufacture requirements that are changing significantly in April.  Please watch the next installment of Landmark Group TV for more complete details.

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Inspiring and Motivating Leadership in Omaha

It takes a great leader to guide people — and therefore the business — to success.  Here are some inspiring quotes about leaders and leadership from famous figures and experts on the subject. “A leader takes people where they want … Continue reading

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5 steps to Avoid Vacancy Loss

In this segment,  Dave talks about how to avoid vacancy loss and how to keep it under control.  Here are the five steps Dave covers in this installment of Landmark Group TV, 1)  Move outs 2)  Amount of time vacant … Continue reading

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How to start a fire when camping

Many people do not know this but to easily start a fire when camping all you need is a battery, and fine steel wool. A 9v is best but even a removable cell phone battery will work. All you do … Continue reading

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Morning Preparation 

In this video, Dave elaborates on the importance of morning preparation.  Waking up early, will result in more productivity throughout the day.  The morning is when you’re brain is most alert and focused, so get you’re most important tasks done … Continue reading

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Ideal Leasing Season

At Landmark, I often get asked the question, “when is the ideal leasing season?”  Most Americans move between May and September.  This is predictable, when you think about the fact that young people start or graduate from college, younger kids … Continue reading

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