Loving Your Employees

employee love
Eight ways you can show your employees that you love them are:
1)Be patient with your employees
Try to not get frustrated when an employee comes to you with a problem. You are the boss and therefore
you are there to help them. Everyone is different and learns in different ways and at different speeds,
so you just have to be patient.

2)Be kind to them
Never be rude because that does not get anybody anywhere. A happy boss gets better reactions and more
involvement from employees than a miserable or bossy one.

3)Do not be proud
Never be proud of your accomplishments. Always promote and be happy for your employees. You have already
succeeded by being the owner of your business, so now it is time to recognize the people who help keep
it up and running.

4)Do not be self seeking
This kind of goes back to the third one (do not be proud). As I just covered you have already
accomplished a big hurdle, so instead of always worrying about yourself and what you can do better
focus on your employees.

5)Do not keep track of mistakes employees make
When someone keeps track of the mistakes another makes they are only remembering the bad that person
does. Instead you should keep track of the good things your employees do and give them recognition for

6)Help to elevate what is truthful. Champion truth above all else
It is important to not lie, even those little white lies. Yes everyone tells them, but we need to stray
away from that horrible habit. Humans should get in the habit of telling the truth. When someone is
being truthful they are also being respectful. And when someone is being respectful more people like
and want to be around them.

7)Protect and side with employees
The restaurant industry is a perfect example of a boss not following this rule. In this business there
is a saying that “the customer is always right”, but in fact that is NOT the case. This is definitely
not always the case. There have been many times that a customer is wrong, but they do not like to
admit it. In the restaurant industry a manager will do whatever possible to keep the customer happy
even if that means upsetting or possibly losing the employee.

8)Always be helpful
Being helpful can mean many things. Don’t just sit there and be a push over, but it is okay to steer
your employees in the right directions. When someone comes to you for help you may be able to give
them the answer or in some cases you might want them to figure it out on their own. If they are to
figure it out on their own it is okay to give them helpful hints to push them in the right direction.

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