Make Every Day Count

To be a great leader you have to lead through both the good and the bad times. However, leaders sometimes pass up amazing opportunities because they just get to busy or are worrying about the next crisis that will happen. Three things that a leader should do to make the most of his/her time are:

Develop a Routine
Every day you should set aside some time to– meditate, have quiet thinking, go for a walk, or even read. You must do this every day at the same time to center your thoughts on being a leader that way you can focus on what is important the rest of the day instead of worrying

First 90 seconds
The first 90 seconds is like your first impression, so you want to make them count. If you sound hurried or uninterested, then the conversation will be routine. If you are calm, make eye contact, and smile the conversation will have more of a connection.

Balance your schedule
When a schedule is 60% full your strategic ability starts to erode. When your schedule hits 80% full your chances of being an effective leader are close to zero.

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