So what is the deal with those socks??

I got a question posted on this blog: “What is the deal with those long socks?”

This is a great question because these are not just any socks, they are compression socks. I wear compression socks for a variety of reasons:

  1. If you are a frequent visitor of this blog, you realize I am a wannabe athlete.  I can be somewhat competitive at a large variety of sports. I can give a college kid a run for his money playing racket ball, but I can also run a five-minute mile. I can do a goofy, arial 180 over the wake on a wakeboard but I can also bench 1.4 times my body weight. In my endless quest to be an athlete I am always looking for that competitive edge. The experts say compression socks give an athlete’s muscles support and a speedy recovery.
  2. About three years ago, I was involved in an accident where I had a traumatic injury on one of my shins. I found out when I was giving a talk about how to invest in real estate and I was having a hard time talking and breathing at the same time. I went to the doctor and after three days in the hospital, I found out I had blood clots in my lungs. Compression socks force the flood in your legs to flow further into your body which allows your blood to flow better – something very beneficial after these problems I experienced.
  3. For some reason I have yet to figure out, I have edema in my lower legs. My physician says this is common in athletes with low resting heart rates and is common in people as they get old.  Basically my legs and feet swell up, and the compression socks help keep that under control.
  4. Whenever possible I work out at CrossFit Omaha, a gym where they do a lot of olympic lifting. They require us to wear long socks becasue when you are doing a clean or some other olympic movement, it’s easy to get blood on the bars. Basically the socks keep blood off the bars, but they also give your calves more support.

The truth of the matter is that I am actually wearing two sets of socks. The white socks that you see are Nike compression socks meant for soccer. Underneath them I wear medical compression socks that you get a a pharmacy. My doc says that everyone should wear them. There is only one small problem – they are extremely painful to wear. I think that the older you get, the key to being good at your sport of passion is your ability to recover fast, and at the very least, these help me do that.

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5 Responses to So what is the deal with those socks??

  1. Michelle & Kenny Lesensky says:

    Hi Dave,
    We stumbled upon your tv show this evening during a wicked storm. We truly enjoyed the episode (season 1, episode 10) but unfortunately the satellite went out toward the end of the show. PLEASE tell us if the homeless woman moved into the apartment that you offered her. She looked so very lost in this world, and it was incredibly kind hearted of you to take the time to help her. While I was a licensed realtor I had seen such sad situations, desperate situations. We would consider ourselves proud to know you personally, as we are much like you. Never treat anyone as if they’re less important than ourselves. Example…We are the couple that pushed a 91 year olds El Camino through a gas station parking lot on Thanksgiving morning (me in high heels, Kenny in dress clothes), when everyone else at the gas station simply ignored the fact that this elderly mans car was dead in the middle of the lot. Kudos from us to you, from the base of the Apalachian mountains.

    Warm Regards,
    Michelle & Kenny

  2. The deal with the socks is that I have a condition called May Thurner Syndrome ,

    I use the socks to control the swelling. Actually I wear two socks, I have Nike Soccer compression socks over Rx’d socks. They are incredibly uncomfortable.

  3. Linda D. Brown says:

    I enjoy your show and am amazed how you are able to deal with the variety of difficult people. I want to thank you for being free to mention Christ in some of your quests to solve problems. Your children are adorable and fortunate to have a strong but caring Dad… God bless you brother!
    Love in Christ, Linda D. Brown

  4. JerriLynn says:

    Tonight was the first time I have watched your show. Very impressive. I don’t believe I’ve ever watched this channel before. Really wanted to see what happened next…

  5. anna says:

    My partner and I watch your show all the way in England! We think you are an amazing kind generous guy. Keep up the good work

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