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Nebraska is at the top of another list

I found this article interesting. According to Uhaul, Nebraska has one of the highest growth rates in the country when you compare people moving into the state vs moving out in 2009. Iowa is also high on the list.

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Crazy Smart

I am not sure how I ended up thinking about this but I did. If you have not read the book Bringing Down The House, I would read it if you have time.  Do not watch the movie (not the … Continue reading

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The New American Dream

I lived in one of the first apartments I had after college for several years before the LL forced me to move by hiring his nephew to clean the hallways instead of me and doubling my rent.  I did not … Continue reading

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4810 Boyd

I have a 11 unit apartment complex listed for sale by a bank that needs to get sold. The address is 4810 Boyd. There are code violations and it needs about $50,000 to $100,000 in work.  Even with that said … Continue reading

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Full knee replacement $12,995

I said yesterday there a few people that I agree with nearly everything they say. There is another.  Ernie Goss is a good friend and a Professor at Creighton.  Although I am not exactly what you would consider a Bluejay … Continue reading

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“Fairly high probability of re-defaulting”

There are a few people that I agree with every word they say. One is James Dobson on raising children and other is  Bill Wheaton, a professor I had at MIT.  NPR did an interview with him about what Obama can do … Continue reading

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Most of you know I am not exactly a fan of Obama. Not the least of which is basically ignoring what our founding fathers did when they formed our country to get away for the Tyranny of the British Government. … Continue reading

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