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Quotes of the Day

I thought these all good sayings to keep in mind. I got these from George Eynon.   The husband to our bookkeeper Sue: Everything is impossible for those who never try A goal without a plan is just a dream You … Continue reading

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Starbucks vs. Scooters

On the way back from swimming at College of St Mary’s Saturday, I drove by the Starbucks and Scooters on 72nd and Dodge. The Starbucks had 10 cars lined up to take orders and 3 more that had given their orders and were waiting to … Continue reading

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Assessment protests

Due to the run up in real estate values over the last five years most real estate assessors have significantly raised the valuations on the real estate in the Omaha Metro Region and across the nation.  However, there has been … Continue reading

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Why 2010 is the year for opportunity in real estate.

If you are interested in being really educated about what is going on in the world of real estate and saying you took a class at MIT, I recommend the classes they teach through the Center’s Professional Development Institute.  Jim Posey … Continue reading

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One thing I absolutely cannot stand is when you are talking with someone and want to set an appointment with them and they say “I do not have my calendar with me” Let me call you back when I have my … Continue reading

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Top 10 worst buiness partners for Landlords

This is a list of people you have to do business with but you really do not want to.  Try to avoid each one of these people, but in most cases it is simply not possible to NOT use them: Tenants … Continue reading

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Things I learned in China

The Exchange is is incredibly favorable to the US dollar, bring more money next time to spend on gifts. A 4 star hotel was $70 usd a night and dinner for 12 people was $60 usd. There is a class called Effective … Continue reading

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Mrs. Choy’s Orphanage and Susie Cordero

I am Beijing China this week. With a group called Global Partners in Hope.  GPiH’s CEO is Ian Vickers. Ian and I have been friends for many years. GPiH goal is to service the people in china through four primary … Continue reading

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American Productivity

Did you know that China has 1.3 billion people and America has just over 300,000?  But Americans still have a larger GRP than China.  This means that although we have a fraction the of people we are still more productive, … Continue reading

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Mr. Courageous

This is a pic of Nate Work. Nate and I are roommates while we are in Beijing. Nate is the second of six sons of Jim and Candy Work. The Work family are long time friends of Lisa and mine and … Continue reading

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