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Jim Nichols – Video Podcast

We have the privilege of being joined by Grace University Professor Jim Nichols in this video podcast as he shares his insight on the underlying antecedents of the housing crash.

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Taxes and the Real Estate Investor

Just like everything else in the world of business, taxes can be a major factor to those involved in Real Estate. This week’s podcast cover’s many different aspects and implications of the taxes that affect Real Estate. *DISCLAIMER: This podcast … Continue reading

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REIT Stocks and the Omaha Real Estate Market

If investing in real estate you should track REIT stocks.  Warren Buffet says that the stock market is a voting machine in the short term and a weighing machine in the long term. As you know I like Costar Group … Continue reading

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Commercial Real Estate Slump

As you know I am always on the look out for articles that reference the MIT Center for real estate.  The Center did a study that says that commercial real estate had the largest drop in real estate prices ever. … Continue reading

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Midtown Crossing

I have to admit it is very exciting to see the construction of midtown crossings each day. I am even more excited to see how it affects development of the area around that project. Does anyone know what it going to happen with … Continue reading

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11 great quotes from John Wooden

I have read a lot of books and I cannot believe that I had not read Wooden on leadership. John Wooden was head basketball coach of the UCLA Bruins and wrote this book.  It is a must read. Here are … Continue reading

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The impact of schools to a local economy

I heard once that Omaha is one of only 5 cities with two medical schools. I have also heard that it will be difficult for Omaha to enter into a deep recession because of this. I found an interesting article … Continue reading

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Top 10 reasons to volunteer or go on missions trips abroad

As many of you know I am follower of Christ and I go on missions trips because of my faith. But regardless of where you are on your spiritual journey, I think everyone needs to take some of their vacation … Continue reading

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What Americans can learn from Malians

Fresh off the trip to Mali, this week’s podcast coves the rich differences in culture and what we can learn from our fellow brothers and sisters in Africa. What Americans can learn from Malians

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When bad things happen to good people and is it better to be smart or lucky?

I have been thinking a lot about this subject lately. My brother Luke recently gave me the book Outliers by Malcome Gladwell. Do not read the whole book, only read the first 5 chapters. The rest of the book just … Continue reading

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