Ideal Leasing Season

At Landmark, I often get asked the question, “when is the ideal leasing season?”  Most Americans move between May and September.  This is predictable, when you think about the fact that young people start or graduate from college, younger kids are out of school, and the weather is overall more accommodating to move from one location to another.

Because of this, there is more turnover in rental units during this time of the year as compared to most any other time of the year- which means you have a wider selection to choose from than any other time of the year.

The flip side is that there may also be greater demand from renters vying for those rental units during the summer than at other times of the year. This may mean that you have to act more quickly in making a decision about a rental so as not to lose it to another interested renter.

If you’ve got the flexibility, winter could be the best time of year for a move. Following the busy holiday season when most people are tuckered out (and their bank accounts are running low), fewer renters make a move. Because demand for apartments is lower, you may find a hot deal on rent during the cooler months.


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Pt. II: Scrapping and Sustainability

While you’re probably aware of the existence of a large-scale global scrap metal recycling industry, you might be surprised by it’s size and scope.  These days, a significant amount of the metal that ends up in finished products like appliances and structural steel is recycled or recovered.  Moreover, scrap recycling is booming, at $80 a ton.  This brave new world has some obvious and not-so-obvious benefits for the economy, the environment and the average consumer.

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Pt. I: Scrapping and Sustainability

Sustainability is becoming a priority for developers, and with many exciting innovations happening in the construction industry,  opting for recycled materials helps ensure that the materials collected in recycling programs will be used in again in the manufacture of new products.  Scrapping and Sustainability- one building at a time proves that reusing salvaged materials saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by minimizing the need to extract and process raw materials.

When people think of recycling, they tend to lean towards some of the chemical or mechanized processes, whereby a recycling plant takes old materials and turns it into something completely new for reuse and resale.  Recycling can be the process of melting scrap metals for resale, but it can also be put under the heading of what your average scrap dealer will do when he sells a piece of metal to someone else.  Recycling can be defined as reusing in any sense of the word, which is environmentally friendly for one key factor- the more scrap metal introduced into circulation, the less metal that has to be manufactured.




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Pt II: Micro-Apartments: Small Living in Omaha

Take the Anderson Building on 24th and Leavenworth for example, situated on the fringe of Downtown Omaha- the Anderson is currently being renovated into Micro-Living apartments.  The Anderson will offer individuals the chance to live in the city, where they have access to their community through biking and mass transportation, without having to pay the enormous rents.

In order to appeal to urban occupants, micro-apartments must be situated in vibrant areas with ample resources of amusement and distraction such as coffee houses, bars, nightclubs, and theaters.  Micro-apartments offer the Omaha community a chance for exciting and new opportunities to transform and re-use historic structures, while giving landlords and tenants the ability to create 21st century space that meets their needs

That said, let’s take a look at the flip side. A micro-apartment is inherently cozier, and many praise the benefits of having less stuff to worry about.  Remember that not all small spaces are created equal. Look beyond square footage to find a compact apartment that fits just right for you.

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Pt 1: Micro-Apartments: Small Living in Omaha

A Micro Apartment is exactly what it sounds like, with minimalism and environment-friendly movement becoming top buzzwords- it is no wonder that micro-apartments, or micro-spaces are becoming the top trend with city dwellers.

Though the cramped life isn’t for everyone, there is growing number of millennials who value smaller space knowing they have reduced their carbon foot print.  These individuals value their urban lifestyle and are perfectly content with moving their kitchen table to make room for their bed.  Micro apartments cater to individuals that desire the excitement of downtown urban living, without the sticker shock.

The emerging trend of Micro-apartments with more collaborative shared space allows formerly obsolete buildings to be re-designed into contemporary spaces.  In addition, the inherent positive environmental attributes of older buildings are appealing to both tenants and landlords who are learning the potential financial and health benefits these spaces offer.


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Benefits of Standing Desks: “Sitting is the new smoking”

In today’s digital world sitting for an extended period has become part of our modern lifestyle. The problem is our bodies are not designed to sit for hours. Our bodies are built for standing.  Over 90% of activities are done sitting down. We surf the web, we watch TV, we drive cars, we ride in cars, and we work for hours on end – all while sitting on our rear ends. Total it up and we spend nearly 80% of our waking hours sitting.

Due to research showing that the cumulative impact of sitting all day for years is associated with a range of health problems, from obesity to diabetes to cancer.  Because the average office employee spends five hours and 41 minutes sitting each day at his or her desk, some describe the problem with a pithy new phrase that is undeniably catchy, if somewhat exaggerated: “Sitting is the new smoking.”

There’s a reason there are so many standing desk benefits. In the modern world we live in, sitting for long hours is the norm. The time spent typing, surfing, tweeting, and consuming mass amounts of digital content is incredible. During a typical day, Americans spend as much as 95% of the day sitting. But our bodies aren’t designed to sit for hours on end. We are meant to be in motion.




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Russell Wilson breaks down during interview after Seahawks win

SEATTLE- The team that champions “finish” as not just a mantra- more like a livelihood- pulled off an astounding one to become champions again.

After the Seahawks scored 15 points in the final 2:09 of the fourth quarter, and then a touchdown on the opening possession of overtime to secure a trip to the Super Bowl, the Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson could not hold himself together.

“God is too good,” Wilson said as tears ran down his face after his team’s 28-22 win over the Packers in the NFC Championship game.  “Every time.”

Wilson threw four interceptions during the game and was on pace to have his worst game as a professional before finally turning things around, capped off by his 35-yard touchdown pass to Jermaine Kearse in overtime for the game-winner.

Blue-and-green confetti rained upon Wilson and Kearse, following the astounding game. Amid the color, the quarterback who is now 6-1 in the playoffs was in tears for one of the only times he can remember.  Overcome with the emotion of a comeback they’ll be taking about around Puget Sound until the salmon stop making their runs.

Wilson said he was thinking of his father, who taught him to always believe.  For the love and bond he has with his teammates.  For all the times he has been told he is too short, not good enough, or too much of a “game manager” to prove what he just did in the biggest moment of this season.



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Root Down Community Garden

When refugees come to America, they bring with them a great wealth of gardening and farming expertise. Unfortunately, being re-settled into urban areas has not often provided opportunities for them to practice their trade. But with the recent surge in enthusiasm for urban gardening, refugees are emerging as leaders in this new-old endeavor.


A few of our tenants were recently recognized in the January 2015 issue of County Gardens.  Read the full article here:

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Tis the Season to Winterize

Dave discusses the importance of Winterizing your home and how to keep it warmer without turning up the heat this winter.


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Power of Positive Thinking

A few motivational quotes from an Accountability Overview I recently read…

“Our greatest fear should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.” –  Franis Chan

“If your goals are larger than your need to be liked then you will reach your goals; If your need to be liked is larger than your goals, then your goal will become the need to be liked.”  – Peter F. Drucker

“The problem isn’t training your employees and loosing them.  The problem is not training your employees and keeping them.” – Zig Ziglar

“The significant problems we have today cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created those problems.” – Albert Einstein

“Whatever is not communicated in any relationship, will control that relationship.” -Wener Erhard

“How I do anything is how I do everything.” – T. Harv Eker

“The detail you leave out is the challenge you leave in.” – Ron Farmer

“It’s not normally people who fail.  It’s the systems and processes that fail.” – W. Edwards Deming

“Whatever you tolerate in an organization becomes the policy of the organization.” – Allen Hauge

“The person that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.” – Benjamin Franklin

“If it’s predictable, it’s preventable.” – Unknown

“If you do something constantly that most people don’t, you’re going to wind up with results that most people don’t.” – Unknown

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